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Humanitarian House International, Inc. is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on developing and deploying housing solutions for families and communities attempting to survive natural disasters, war, and other life-affecting events.

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Why Donate to Humanitarian House International?

The issue bears repeating. Nearly 2.5 billion of the seven billion people on Planet Earth live below their regional poverty levels. This means most are without the semblance of a “home.” Almost every day, because of war or natural disaster, thousands of innocent people are cast into the procession of survival. This hopeless condition must be changed. With the conviction that the HHi House is essential in creating a peaceful and sustainable world, our board of directors at Humanitarian House International is seeking your help in providing homes for the homeless world-wide.

Our mission here at HHI headquarters is to "Save the World — One House at a Time.” A little lofty, maybe — but at least we can help millions of homeless people climb out of the mud into the HHi House and work toward a better life.

The 178 sq. ft. HHi House is made of plastic tubes, skin and floor. The structure has two lives. First, as an emergency shelter that can sleep nine, and second a long-term dwelling that comfortably houses a family of six. This elevated house can be erected in two days by two people with one simple tool. The initial shelter includes screened ventilating windows, kitchen and dining space. Materials cost for the emergency shelter is approximately $1800 including crating. The long-term dwelling, sheathed with more durable plastic panels, is estimated at $2500.

We are asking for your contribution to help us complete these essential components and enable Humanitarian House International to begin production of the HHi House and to quot;Save the World — One House at a Time".

Photo of Stuart Ohlson
Stuart Ohlson,
Architect, Humanitarian House International
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