[My Youth Story] Liu Wenzheng: Youth Dedicated to Xi’an Yanliang Air City

[My Youth Story] Liu Wenzheng: Youth Dedicated to Xi’an Yanliang Air City

The "" theme essay activity held this time by the Huashang Yinling Association is very meaningful for promoting the Jiaotong University. I was born in 1949 and belonged to the same age of the Republic. At the age of 20 at the age of 20 to Yan Liang, he worked at Xifei Company until he retired in 2009. In the front line of production, heated treatment workers (no matter which college graduated at the time, he first went to the production of the front line as a worker), the instrumentor, quality inspector, etc., and also borrowed it to the West Fei No. 2 Middle School to be a physics teacher for two years.

When I was in the hot science and engineering, I participated in the "09 Project" foreign association warfare, which is to make a square tungsten plate called "tungsten gold". The process of processing is very low, and the cost of finished products is extremely expensive.

(Later, I knew: "09 Project" was a nuclear -powered submarine project that was developing at the time.

) At that time, there was only one of the large -scale powerful rotary machine tools in China, so key projects in other industries also came to Yan Liang to process.

In the few days of the "09 Project", it was all late at night. It was really difficult for young people to get up at 00:00 at midnight.

The collaborative group lent me a temporarily lend me a wool ground and a large flashlight.

At that time, the dormitory had not been formally arranged, and the temporary residence was far from the factory area. Once I copied the road, I was obliquely worn from the construction site in the middle of the 2 area to the night work. The flash shot green light, thinking that I met the wild wolf, creepy, clenched the flashlight to speed up the footsteps … At that time, the conditions of Yan Liang were arduous. Except for a concrete road in front of the factory door, the rest were Sanhe Tulu.

There was a smooth spread among the employees: "Yan Liang and Yan Liang, a desolate, a high -rise building, and a monk."

There are more men and less graduates from aviation colleges. They are allocated from the troops. They are more unbalanced than men and women. Male employees are difficult to find objects. The classmates teased that it would be nice to move the textile city of the Dongjiao Bridge! "Yan Liang is a big monster, a bachelor watching the ball": As long as there are women’s basketball games in the 1st lighting court, there are always three layers of three layers of male employees. Although it is just a full -scale, it can also promote the production of endorphins and dopamine to be happy and happy. One of my colleagues from my colleague is Zhu Jianlang, a high student graduated from Tsinghua University. The family is rich in Shanghai’s capitalist. I do n’t know why it has never found an object. Later, he got cerebral thrombosis and limped to work every day. The torrent of the bicycle is particularly conspicuous (some people say that his name is not good: Zhu Jianlang, the pig can see the wolf how good results.

) In the end, he died of Yan Liang. rest in peace! In addition to working hard to produce in the workshop, we go to the countryside to help farmers cut wheat during the summer of the summer (now in turn: migrant workers enter the city to grow grass in the city). Once I cut the wheat, I couldn’t find my glasses.

Thanks to my colleagues Zhang Guiru, I was particularly patient, picked up the fork, one fork, and turned over the entire wheat piles. After all, I helped me find out the glasses. From this, we became good friends. Later, Zhang Guiru was transferred to the 148th Factory of the Ministry of Aviation, Xianyang, and then returned to his hometown in Yongshou County to set up a company that refined sea buckthorn oil.

It is said that seabuckthorn oil can treat cancer, which was very popular. It often advertised at the golden time of Shaanxi TV. When you turn on the TV every night, you can hear advertising words such as "General Manager Zhang Guiru".

Later, because the local investment environment was too bad to collect the stalls, he set up several real estate for his old age in Xianyang.

Most of the photos of this post are refer to paper photos. In addition, the long -lasting picture quality is not good, and readers also hope to forgive me.

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