Zhenhe Expressway will be opened on April 29th

Zhenhe Expressway will be opened on April 29th

Zhenhe Expressway.

According to Luo Yuancheng, it is understood that Zhenhe Highway started in Zhezhuang Township, Hezhang County, and connected with the Yunnan section of Zhenhe Highway. After passing from Guji Town, the end point ended at the Qianheqiao Bridge in the Mustang Town in the east of Hezhang County. The total length of the route is located in Hezhang County, Bijie City.

Zhenhe high -speed bridge tunnel ratio is%, and the total investment is 100 million yuan. The Zhenhe Expressway uses a two -way four -lane highway standard throughout the line. The design speed is 80km/h, the overall roadbed width, and the separated roadwidth is 2 ×.

There are 3 interchange interchange across the line, of which one hub is interoperable, namely the Houzhang East Hub, which forms a cross with the Biwei Expressway and the Heri Expressway; Zhuang Yue Station, Guji Toll Station. Zhenhe High Speed ??has a pair of II service areas, located near Guji Town, Hezhang County.

Zhenhe High -speed Control Project is a special tunnel of Xian Goose Egg. The left line is 4028 meters long and the right line is 4041 meters long.

The opening of Zhenhe Expressway is of great significance to accelerate the promotion of the high -quality development of the regional economy in Hezhang County, Bijie City, Yunnan Province, and to promote the cooperation between Yunnan and Guizhou Cultural Tourism. (Responsible editor: Li Yongxin, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommended reading.

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