Unlock "Co-rich Password" Zhejiang will give farmers "dividend" 10 billion yuan

Unlock "Co-rich Password" Zhejiang will give farmers "dividend" 10 billion yuan

People’s Network Hangzhou November 4th (Fang Peng Meng) High Quality Development Construction Common Wealth Demonstration Zone On November 3, the "Construction Demonstration Zone moved to a new journey" theme press conference held in Hangzhou. At the meeting, the high-quality development of high quality development in Zhejiang Province promoted the relevant policy initiatives and the progress of the recent key work. "In the first three quarters of this year, the per capita disposable income of rural residents in the province is 28,474 yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; urban and rural residents’ income ratio is shrinking in the same period over the previous year.

At the "Conference, Wang Tonglin, Party Secretary and Director of the Agricultural Rural House of Zhejiang Province, conducted a brief report on the situation of agricultural development in Zhejiang Province. He pointed out that since the construction of the co-affordable demonstration zone, the province’s agricultural rural system is leading, planning Promote the "expanded" "increased", 26 counties leap-on high quality development and "Zhejiang richer" digital scene application construction and other key tasks, playing the industry to promote rich, building and promoting rich, reform, promoting and promoting rich It can promote all rich, helping to promote the prosperity and digital to promote the "six promotion" combination, and strive to hand over the peasant rural common prosperity.

"Zhejiang Province’s rich village rich belt rich" Pharma ", deepening collective economic reform. According to Wang Tonglin, by 2025, Zhejiang will promote the investment of 100,000 yuan for the village’s operating income, more than 500,000 yuan, more than 500,000 yuan 50%, the total income of the province’s village-level collective economy reached 100 billion yuan.

At the same time, establish a farmer distribution mechanism based on the ownership of village collective assets, and the proportion of dividends in dividends is increased to 15%, and the annual dividend reaches 10 billion yuan.

While doing the village collective economy "cake", continue to expand the "dividend" range.

For the collective assets, the relatively weak income, Zhejiang Province will improve the rich mechanism of the first rich belt, give full play to the province’s common prosperity of the hundred villages, promote the "big ginger" rural joint model, encourage administrative village to carry out group, The joint construction of the district is realized in a village rich to the village. In addition, in the process of promoting common prosperity, low-income farmers are a group that needs attention in "expanding" "low".

Do a good job in the anti-regeneration of low-income farmers, and it is also the key to consolidating the effectiveness of the poverty campaign and the effectiveness of rural revitalization. At the meeting, Wang Tonglin introduced the key measures for the implementation of Zhejiang Province in low-income farmers’ anti-reaching pool: "We present a target task, during the ’14th Fiveth’ period, to ensure that the annual average annual growth of low-income farmers has increased by more than 10%, urban and rural residents In the income, farmers’ income growth is higher than that of urban residents, and the growth of low-income farmers is higher than that of general farmers, so ‘Expanded’ ‘low’ will gradually pull a small gap. "According to relevant data, the statistics, the first three quarters, The per capita disposable income of low-income farmers in Zhejiang Province is 12509 yuan, the year-on-year growth rate, and the growth rate is 3 percentage points.

According to the decision-making deployment of the Provincial Party Committee, this year, Zhejiang Province is based on the goal of striving to create the modernization of agricultural rural modernization. Based on the essential construction of agricultural rural work, the common prosperity is the starting point and the foothold, and the new era of Zhejiang ‘three farmers’ Work ‘369’ action, ‘Sannong’ works, and fruits are fruitful.

At the "Conference, ZHUHUUHU, the party group of the Agricultural Rural Department of Zhejiang Province, summarized the new highlights of agricultural rural work in the first three quarters of Zhejiang, also predicts the trend of agricultural rural economic development this year.

She said, the first three quarters, the increase in agricultural and forestry and fisheries in the province increased year-on-year, and it is expected that the development of agricultural rural economic development will continue to maintain stabilization, steadily and good, steady and advanced good development trend, expected to achieve The 14th Five-Year Plan is red. It is understood that the next step in the province’s agricultural rural system will implement in-depth implementation of the central and provincial government’s decision-making deployment to promote common prosperity, accelerate a group of landmarks with Zhejiang "three rural" identification, form a group of peasants The masses have feelings, have obtained breakthrough results, to build a "important window" and build a common prosperity demonstration zone to add "three rural" scenery.

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