Xie Meng: Zhengjia Chuangxin Transformation Planner Travel Fusion Release "Multiplication Effect"

Xie Meng: Zhengjia Chuangxin Transformation Planner Travel Fusion Release "Multiplication Effect"

  Xinhuanet Guangzhou February 8th (Huang Rui Guan Jinheng) shuttle in a fantastic Polar Ocean world, strolling in the indoor air rain forest ecological park, visiting the old Guangzhou retro Huaiyou Street "Guangzheng Street" … Recently, Zhengjia Group With "from" The shopping center to the city center cultural tourism destination construction "is selected in the 2020 Tourism Group ‘s integration of innovation and development. "In the right, consumers can enjoy not only shopping, entertainment, but also inspiring curiosity and imagination.

"Guangzhou Tianhe Road Chamber of Commerce, CEO CEO, Zhengjia Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., said that a good cultural project is the most important thing to transfer values ??and philosophy, create blood, temperature-free, have temperature connection. Guangzhou Tianhe Road Chamber of Commerce President, the CEO of Zhengjia Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. Xie Meng.

Lin Xiaolei, "there is no born", is it imagined to imagine if you imagine? Create a blue sea in the modern urban center? Time Fall in 2015, the development of the mall has become increasingly homogeneous and has become a test in front of Xie Meng.

Xie Meng and his team made two extreme assumptions: First, after 50 years, if you are not shopping in the mall, all scenes become virtual reality, then use it to do? Second, is there any IP that can continue to grow in common with the city? "We think after thinking, education can be continued to develop in the city, so good choice uses an entertaining to entertain and make education into a two-way interaction process.

"Xie Meng said that the first choice for the best is to establish a market because people have natural links with nature, people and water, people and the oceans." When we first put forward the marries, " Most people oppose.

"Xie Meng said. However, the demand for change is imminent, it is impossible to change it! There is no sample, it will become" people who eat crabs "; no experience, go to the field to find breakthrough; no talent, come to the sea High-end talents and teams inside and outside.

A fantasy trip in the Aquarium opens in the center of Guangzhou.

  Xie Meng transformed the company’s strategy to the process of "students".

"This is very painful, you want ‘bleeding’, you have to pay.

Just like a big disease, it is a process of reborn.

"Monomer Aquarium display cylinder, colorful jellyfish, wide-angle seabed tunnel … In January 2016, Zhengjia Group put 100 million yuan, total construction area of ??over 10,000 square meters, has a total of more than 30,000 fevets Opening in the ocean hall.

  Tourists visit in the Positive Polar Ocean World. Lin Xiaolei’s data showed more than one year of the Ocean World Operation, and more than 1 million, the average daily passenger traffic, 15,000 days of summer, weekend, Golden Week and other holidays.

Many parents bring their children to learn together in the ocean hall and share the parent-child time.

  "Enterprise development should be connected to the initiality and values.

The right mission is to create happiness and happiness for human society, and imagination into the city.

"Xie Meng said. The hard transformation is cast from the zero to the road to the" rebellion ". The road to the transformation and upgrading of the way is far more than this." In the country, you went to a shopping center, found that there is actually there are Aquarium, Rainforest, Museum , Theater, children’s paradise, this is almost impossible to achieve things.

But in Zhengjia Square, these have become reality. "Xie Meng believes that a corporate strategy choice result is often not seen in three or five years, but it takes ten years later.

A company has to hold his DNA and create new value for our customers. According to the survey, the main consumer of Zhengjie Square is 19 to 24 years old. Since the early days of the dinosaur exhibition, Dora A dream, to the same secret uncle, 61 red nose festival, "Kimmymiki Ocean Dream", etc., is "master" master, and gradually leading the theme activity to IP And young.

  In 2020, Zhengjia also launched the "Huimin 1 + 1, Guangzhou people" "Haili Rising Red Flag" "Zhengjia Night · 2021 Lang Lang New Year Concert" and other activities, attracting a large number of citizens and foreign tourists.

  Through these highly innovative and imagined tourism projects, Zhengjia is changing from the original commercial real estate developers to the content of the content, constantly connecting to consumers, and builds their own IP systems. "We have to put forward new proposals for urban lifestyle, injecting new imagination for urban development, promoting progress in urban residents’ lifestyle." In the epidemic prevention and control of normalization, more and more people choose New Year. In addition to the routine promotion, the sweepstakes are also introduced into the animal specimen, restore the African prairie; the construction of the water curtain is as high as 80 meters; open Jurassic Dinosaur Park; build Chinese garden culture and contemporary art combination of Spring Festival Characteristic theme No blocks, etc. On the basis of business, establish an interactive experience and literature content, providing quality content for Guangzhou citizens, bringing a colorful New Year. From February 5th to 28th, Zhengjia carried out "Yang Yue New Year, Zhengjia accompany you" activities, and the new year atmosphere is rich.

Xinhua Net Guanheng photo is proposed to "cultivate international consumption center city" in the first four five-year plan for the development of national economic and social development and the fourteenth five-year plan for the development of national economic and social development. As one of the core cities in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, is planning to build an international consumer center city that leads to China, radiating nationwide and is global.

It is known as the "South China First Business Circle" Tianhe Road Business Circle, with a large commercial square, shopping center, five-star hotel, etc. in the 2.4 million square meters of commercial area, Finjia Square, Tai Guhui, Tianhe City … The passenger traffic is over 1.5 million, and the holiday is over 4 million, the annual sales is broken, which is the "net red card" of the combo to come. On February 4th, the Zhengjia Falls formed in the past two months were unveiled in the Founding Square, meaning "the financial source rolling".

Xinhua Net (respondent) "Tianhe Road Chamber of Commerce has 73 members. We spent eight years of creating united culture and atmosphere." Xie Meng introduced, the chamber of commerce is connected, sharing and benefiting him.

Here, they share commercial wisdom, connect more resources, partners and consumers. Tokyo has a Ginza, Singapore has Wucha Road, Paris has the Champs Elysées, then what is the landmark of Guangzhou Tianhe? Xie Meng said that the Chamber of Commerce hopes that while helping Tianhe Road Business Circle a world’s top ten tourist destinations, the world is fully sprinkled to the world-class city center cultural tourism destination.

  "In ordering to create a three-class business travel mode, the economic benefits and social benefits are increased, and the future imagination is very broad." Xie Meng said. (Participation: Chen Yuan Lujia Yu).

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