Tianjin 65 testing agencies 24 hours "wish to check the inspection"

Tianjin 65 testing agencies 24 hours "wish to check the inspection"

Original title: 65 testing agencies 24-hour "wish to check the inspection" to further do a good job in nucleic acid testing, Tianjin Prevention and Control Headquarters recently started from "Near" "fast" "convenience" "accurate" four aspects, further strengthen current New crown virus nucleic acid detection service. The nucleic acid testing laboratories of each second and above comprehensive hospitals, three-level Chinese medicine hospitals (including Chinese and Western Medicine Hospitals), Infectious Diseases Hospital, third-party medical testing agency, to facilitate the masses to provide 24-hour nucleic acid sampling testing services; Each nucleic acid testing mechanism will strengthen rapid testing, and shorten the reporting time of nucleic acid test results as much as possible, and strive to issue the nucleic acid test results of "Wishing Examination" in 6 hours. The reporter learned from the Municipal Health and Health Committee that there are 65 new crown virus nucleic acid detection agencies in our city to provide 24-hour detection.

The health and health committees of each district will accurately master the laboratory of new crown virus nucleic acid detection. In a variety of ways to announce the information to society to provide nucleic acid sampling inspection service institutions in the jurisdiction, ensure that the information published is accurate and facilitating the mass inquiries; The principle, the implementation of gridization setting management, coordinating nucleic acid detection laboratory resources in the jurisdiction, realizing the full coverage of nucleic acid detection services in the grid. All district health and health committees and nucleic acid testing agencies will closely reduce nucleic acid testing management. The nucleic acid testing institutions combine the current epidemic situation. According to the number of people who wish to examine the inspection, appropriate increases the sampling service window, instrument and equipment and related staff. An appointment phone announced to ensure that some people have an acknowledgment and provide quality and convenient services to the masses.

All medical institutions with nucleic acid testing ability actively divert the "Health Tianjin" App, timely provide sample reservations for the masses, test results inquiries.

At the same time, it is encouraged to provide the masses to provide sample reservations, waiting for information release, test results inquiry, etc. Strictly set the sampling point, implement the "one-meter" interval requirements, and conduct sampling related work according to the regulations; when the samples waiting, the number of candidates will be taken in time.

The health and health committees of each district will also accurately master the base of inspection agencies within the jurisdiction, carry out supervision and inspection regularly, strictly abide by the quality of the test quality and biosafety bottom line.

All nucleic acid detection agencies combine the actual needs, continuously improve nucleic acid detection ability, reasonable planning laboratory internal layout, appropriately increase the corresponding instrumentation, guarantee timely issuance of test report; timely, the results of nucleic acid test through "fever door diagnosis information management system" reported to the city Level center, make sure the upload data related information is accurate.

(Reporter Xu Yang) (Editor: Sun Yifan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

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