These roads named after these heroes, what do you know?

These roads named after these heroes, what do you know?

Hero Road ■ Some people in Zhu Wei Ming, use their own body as a spiritual road sign. These people called heroes. Some roads, named the name of the hero, incentive, people don’t forget the initial heart, continue to fight.

These paths called heroes. The hero, the truth of the country, the soul of the family.

The name of a hero, through time and space, becomes the lighthouse and spirit of the Chinese national belief. The farther it, the more you need to light the light of belief, illuminate the way forward. And the name of each hero is a bunch of light illuminated with the spirit of the soul; every hero road will be the Kangzhuang Avenue leading to the great revival of the Chinese nation.

First First, Guangdong, Guangzhou. This road called Seconds is to commemorate the seventy-two martyrs who have sacrificed in the Yellow Legou Uprising.

Wooden cotton, also known as hero flowers, is the city of Guangzhou. On the eve of the Qing Dynasty every year, dozens of tens of tall wooden cotton trees in the garden blooming. The red flower is like a burning torch, as if tells the story of a hundred years ago.

On April 27, 1911, the Huanghuigang Uprising broke out, opened the prelude to the Revolution of 1911.

After half a year, Wuchang Uprising broke out and overthrew the feudal dynasty. The uprising death is 29 years old and the smallest is only 18 years old.

Lin Zhongmin, one of the seventy-two martyrs of Huanghuang, who studied in Japan, returned to China to participate in the uprising.

He said to the comrades around him: "If you are defeated, the deceased must be more, and it will be able to touch the compatriots." Lin Juemin, who is in justice, generously go to death, and sacrifice only 24 years old. On this martyrgon road, there are many commemorative places such as the Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Cemetery, Huanghuang Seventy-two Martyrs Cemetery. In the Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Cemetery, the revolutionary martyrs Zhou Wenmie and Chen Tiejun "Let the gunshots of the reactionaries as the shouts of our married salutes". "Red flowers on the red flowers, the blood is not dry," tall wooden cotton rooted in a deep historical fertile soil, like burning candlelight, illuminating the footsteps of the future. Two Yanqi Road, Hefei in Anhui Province. On the eve of July 1, there were many pedestrians to stop in Yanqi Road in Human Marine. They tied flowers on the column of the street sign, and the column didn’t tied it. The road sign seems to stand in a flower sea. People use this way to horses Burden of Bundess. Yanqi Road is to commemorate Martyrs Chen Yannian and Chen Qiao. This spring, the TV series "Awakening the age" is hot in China, and the names of the two people of Chen’s brothers are familiar with more people.

On the evening of July 4, 1927, 29-year-old Chen Yannian was secretly depressed to execute the death penalty. He refused to kneel and killed by a knife.

In 1928, the 26-year-old Chen Qiao was killed by the Kuomintang in Shanghai Longhua. Before sacrificial, he shouted: "Let our future generations enjoy the happiness of the forever!" The brothers sacrificed the time of less than one year. The revolutionary era, too much like Chen Yannian, Chen Qiao’s young people, from rich families, have been well-educated, but for the ethnic liberation, the country is rich, and they will sacrifice themselves. Xia Mingham was famous, 28-year-old heroic, leaving the "cutting head is not tight, just as long as the mother", the poetry "

Next to Yanqi Road, there is a Jixian Road, which is to commemorate Mr. Chen Duxiu.

Yanqi Road and Jixian Road are leading to a terminal – bustling avenue. This may be coincident, but it is a sacrifice of thousands of martyrs, we have a prosperous prosperity today.

San Zhao Chongde Avenue, Henan Mall. On the evening of October 19, 1937, in order to cooperate with the battle of the mouth, the third battalion of the 769th Youth League of the Eighth Route No. 129 Zhao Chongde led the Ministry of Xidu, and the Yangmingbao Dajun Airport. After more than an hour of fighting, the displacement of the United States, and 40 people were annihilated. When Zhao Chongde retreats in the cover of the troops, the number of bombs, he sacrificed.

The people of the Mall county commemorated the anti-Japanese hero Zhao Chongde sacrificed in the night attack Yangmingbao battle. The rain smoke is difficult to cover the hero.

The warriors represented by Zhao Chongde at night hit Yang Mingbao, Wei Zheng enemy cold, wrote a strong historical poem with blood as ink.

Peng Dehui praised Zhao Chongde: "Zhongzhan is bold, and glory with the sun and the moon". In 2015, the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War and the 70th anniversary of the World anti-fascist war victory, "Night attack Yangmingbao battle model" high yard war flag, through Tiananmen to accept the review of the people of the country. They took out the thunderous power of the thunder, once again showed that the hero army had an inchereep, there was a fighting in the battle. Si Chen Huimin Road, Hubei Wuhan. This is an incidentless road in the Jianghan District, but it is a way to engrave loyalty.

On April 29, 1938, the Chinese army launched a flight battle with the Japanese army in Wuhan.

After the young pilot Chen Huimin hits 1 enemy machine, it was chased by 5 enemy machines.

The fighter was hit by the enemy plane, and Chen Huai could escape, but he chose to open the horse, hit the enemy machine, and set the 22-year-old life forever in Wuhan.

A shocking, gantry long.

Since then, there is an immortal name in the ranks of China’s airfare hero, and the bustling city of Wuhan has a heroic road.

China, Northeast fall, North China, North China, Hua Hu, Nanjing fall, Xuzhou fell, Wuhan faded … All people can’t help but ask: "Is China still hope, will there be China?" When the death of the death, the words of the geologist Ding Wenjiang showed the sound: "As long as a few a few, excellent inside, refuse to sit, this nation has always hope.

"The best representative" a few of the few, excellent inside ", as Chen Huai people, did not hesitate to sacrifice themselves, turned into eternal stars, shining in the history of history.

Wu Zong Road, Hunan Yiling. In May 1942, the Japanese army implemented the "iron wall heaven" on the Taihang anti-Japanese basis.

On the 25th, the left southern the commanding force of the Niki near Shanxi Liao County and the overalls of the Communist Party of China and the Eighth Route Headquarters, and he sacrificed in the Crossling battle, only 37 years old.

The left right is the highest commander sacrificed on the Anti-Japanese battlefield. Zhou Enlai said that he "is enough to be a model of the party". Zhu De praised him a "talented talent" in China’s military community. " Leave a clear spomant blood.

"To commemorate the left right, the Jinci Luyu Border Government decided to renamed Liaonian as Zuo Ru County. In addition to" Zuo Run Road ", there is a letter of Zuoji, Zuo Ruyu Primary School … Zuo Hunjian, Tombs, Tombs, Tombs, to hit his infinite remember in various ways Jiu Jingyu Street, Harbin.

"Nine-eighth, big cannon, little devil, account for Shenyang. Chiang Kai-shek is not resistant, throwing the people have been suffering, people are forced to have no living road, go to the mountain to find ‘big old Yang’ …" This folk song at the Northeast of the time The military and civilian are widely sing, and the "big old Yang" in the folk songs refers to the famous anti-Japanese generals Yang Jingyu. In February 1936, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the anti-Japanese armed arms of Northeast China was adapted as the Northeast Anti-Japanese Union.

In this week, the Northeast Anti-Japanese coalition rapidly developed into 11 army, opened up the Southern Southeastern Festival, Jidong, and Bei Mansan. As a member of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Union, General Communishers and Political Committee, Yang Jingyu led the local military and civilians to struggle with the local military and civilians. Bai Mountain Black Water Casting Loyalty. On February 23, 1940, Yang Jingyu, who was hiered by the enemy in the ice and snow, fighting to the last moment, with his country.

The enemy cruelly cut his stomach and found that his stomach is a dead, bark and cotton, there is no food! Open the memoirs of the secondary warrior book, which is written above: "Maple leaves are red, the most difficult winter is coming.

I am afraid to expose the whereabouts, we can’t live in the mountains, and there is no food clothing to fill hunger. Some comrades think that the headaches are a bit hurt, and the ear is falling. But the ear is frozen, I am afraid that the hands and feet are frozen. If the hands and feet are frozen, you can’t shoot the army, you can’t fight the devil … "" Why is the maple leaves? It is the blood of the comrades! "Now walk in Benxi County, a lot of streets, squares and memorials named" anti-link "" Jingyu "; put the sight to the entire Bai Mountain Black Water, Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang, Jingyu County, Harbin … These names have no respect for the remtrial and thoughts of the anti-warriors. Seven Fuxing Road, China.

Everything goes forward, you can’t forget the way you pass; go far, come to the future, you can’t forget the past, can’t forget why.

Hero, one by one is looking for the body of the fire, becomes the road sign along the way, marking the direction of the future, guiding us to the great revival of the Chinese nation.

"The mountain river that we have dyed is more worthy of us and love.

"Open the Chinese map, look at the four seas China, people go on a hero road every day, the spiritual minerals of these names are like a hot flame, boiling the city’s red blood, flowing in the people’s heart, in order to achieve the greatness of the Chinese nation Revival injects the power of life. Only by remembering the sense of martyrs, he can hold the right in the world; only inheriting the spirit of hero, in order to create a better future. Today, our blood vessels still flow in the blood of the martyrs, the ears still echoes the martyrs. Shout, the heart still passed on the ambition of the martyrs, and we will continue to struggle along the road to the hero, heroically forward.

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