Two tax reduction and relief helps four major industries "acceleration"

Two tax reduction and relief helps four major industries "acceleration"

In order to give full play to the "six stable" "Sixth" "Six" Six Bao "overall situation, fully support the influence of transportation, accommodation, catering, tourism" four services "taxpayer production development, Yunnan Wenshan State Taxation Department Implement Yunnan Provincial Real Estate Tax and Town Land Use Tax Reduction Policy, and help four service taxpayers accelerate their duly. A hotel in Wenshan, Yunnan, is the first hotel in Wenshan. It is affected by a five-star standard. In the first half of the epidemic, the hotel’s occupancy rate has fallen sharply, and the food, conference and other supporting services are also temporarily stagnant, but at the same time, at the same time, hotel daily operations, All materials preparation, employee wages, etc. need a lot of funds, and the company’s fund chain is tight.

"Comrade the tax department has been alias us in the company’s most difficult moment.

"The company’s person in charge Hu Fengjuan said. Under the propaganda explanation of the tax department, the company has successfully handled the property tax and urban land use tax declaration according to the" self-judgment, declaration, relevant information and payment checkout ". Taxation to 10,000 yuan.

"Reduced taxes largely compensate for the company’s pre-loss.

As the epidemic prevention and control is getting better, the hotel’s various business gradually returns to the level of the past, I believe that everything will be better and better.

"In addition to mitigation of corporate funding, the two tax relief policies also effectively help enterprises boost development confidence, help enterprises to cross the difficulties and flourish." The company accumulated property tax and urban land use tax reduction. "Southern Wenshan said:" Song Yin said: "Saved tax is mainly used to pay employee wages, guarantee employee stability and normal operation, and preferential policies are multiple superimposed, the more revenue, the more employee confidence Encourse.

"With the support of tax preferential policies, the hotel has also developed a series of promotional preferential measures, and actively cultivates employee sales awareness. Under dual incentives, the hotel revenue has rebounded quickly. Influence of the epidemic, urban public transport is also briefly press "Pause Key", the room two tax relief policies to a large extent help the Wenshan State transportation industry taxpayers to mitigate the funds caused by the epidemic. "According to the two tax relief policies, the company enjoys the discount of 10,000 yuan, effective Evolution of funds tension.

Liang Zhengbin, the person in charge of a traffic transport company in Wenshan, said that the tax concessions helped the company realized a regeneration acceleration.

Up to now, only the four-year-old four service taxpayers enjoy property tax and urban land use tax preferential policies, and the accumulated tax will reach 10,000 yuan. Wenshan State Tax Department will continue to implement various tax-selling policies to help all the taxpayers in all walks of life will enjoy the policy dividends in a timely manner. (Li Sha).

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