The Rocket Army gives a typical demonstration leading role

The Rocket Army gives a typical demonstration leading role

"West Yangguan, advance into the desert, go to the North, Step of the Snow Plateau. Decades to implement the task for decades, is the most precious memory in our military career …" At the beginning of October, the Rocket Army held "Sword Pioneer" The example of the model "Advanced Typical Deeds, the statement of the Secondary Sergeant Changzhi, won the warm applause of the scene. "Lift a lamp and illuminate a large piece.

What kind of example is established, what is the orientation.

"The leaders of the department introduced the troops in a hundred actual warth drills, and there was a large number of advanced typical. In order to guide officers and soldiers to see the model, they combed advanced typical in the training of the tutorials, organized the trachery report, compile The story set, produced the "Mortgage" character interview, organize "I face the hero", I’m trying to create a good atmosphere of "everyone advocates the example, everyone is striving for the patron". "Zhang Jiuzhi, who is engaged in missile It is more than 20 years of professional training. After practicing "a clear", the fault "a touch" has participated in the actual training task, and successfully disposes dozens of specialty dangers. Recently, Zhang Jiuzhi struggle The micro-recorded film "Missile" Golden Finger "" "uploaded to the strong army network, causing enthusiasm.

In the near future rocket troops, the participating team members are tenacious and have a good result of the second place. (Zhang Dapeng, Yang Shaotong) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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