Wuhan University of Light Industry successfully held a teaching seminar of the integration construction of the integration of the integration of the integrated and middle school (Photos) – Zhonghong N

Wuhan University of Light Industry successfully held a teaching seminar of the integration construction of the integration of the integration of the integrated and middle school (Photos) – Zhonghong Net

Zhonghong Net Hubei Wuhan, 2021, October 8 (Gao Xiaofei) October 2, hosted by Wuhan Light Industry University, Marxist College Helled "Seminar" in the Science and Education Building 1111 The meeting room was held.

Huazhong Normal University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Wuhan Light Industry University, Hubei Open University, Luoyang Normal University, Wuhan Biological Engineering College, Wuchang Institute of Technology, Wuhan Dongxi Lake Vocational and Technical College, Guangdong Maoming Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology Vocational College, Jingmen Vocational College, Wuhan Optical Valley Technology Vocational and Technical School, Wuhan Dongxi Lake District Board School, Wuhan Vanke Western Peninsula Elementary School, Teachers, Teachers, Teachers, Teachers, Teachers, Shui Shui County Committee, Wuhan Dongxi Lake District Changqing Garden Community, Wuhan Party workers and corporates such as Jinyinhu Street Community, Shandong Sanhai and Tea Catering Co., Ltd., and the company, are attended by a total of more than 20 people attended the seminar.

The content of the meeting is composed of two sections of special reports and teaching, and all teachers and graduate students of the Marxist College of Wuhan Light Industry University have participated in this seminar. Professor Wang Diping, Party Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan University of Light Industry, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

Wang Diping represents the experts and teachers of the School Party Committee, and teachers express their warm welcome and sincerely thank the school’s history and the basic situation of the development of the Marxist College. He emphasized that he must go deep into the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the School Ideological and Political Theory Class Teachers’ Conference. The Construction of Class Integration and Strengthening Teaching. Wang Diping hopes that the leaders, experts, teachers will speak freely, and give birth to advice, group and teamwork, and discuss the theoretical issues and practice issues faced by the integration of the integration of the integration of the integration of the integrated primary and secondary and middle schools, share the experience, and I wish this seminar a complete success. The theme report is hosted by the Vice President of the Marxist College Huang Mu, the participating experts, scholars, and teachers closely around the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, "Some Opinions on Deepening the Ideological and Political Theory Courses in New Times School", The teaching objectives and requirements of the integration of the integration of the integration of large primary and secondary schools are concentrated, the curriculum system and the teaching system transformation, the III Social Classroom and School Small Classroom Organic Connectation have been widely discussed. About the teaching objectives and requirements of the integration construction of the Grand Central Primary School: National Excellent Teacher, the Professor Zhang Gaiming, the Marxist College of Wuhan Light Industry, believes that it is necessary to create an exchange platform, combined with the growth stage and physical and mental characteristics of large and medium-primary and secondary school students, and establish a step-by-step thinking Teaching System of Police Class Education.

Stan, deputy secretary of the Party General Secretary of the School of Medicine, Wuhan, believes that everyone is a business card, and this business card is inseparable from the guidance of the thinking classroom.

Xiong Wei, young teacher, Jingmen Vocational College, believes that thinking and political courses are not just a knowledge education course, and it is also a key course of Lidshu people. To learn about students, active and students, and be good at collecting new media to collected thinking materials, guiding students to establish correct. Three views.

Professor Yu Maohui, Wuhan University of Light Industry, believes that there are differences in the goal of intensive and political schools in large and medium schools. The university stage is focusing on the increase of mission. The high school stage is focused on improving political literacy. The junior high school stage is heavy in the final ideological basis. Enlightenment moral emotions, to develop operative teaching programs based on the teaching objectives of different stages. Pan Chunbo, deputy director of the Graduate School of Wuhan University of Light Industry, believes that we should gradually enhance the enthusiasm of young people and socialist careers from a young, and constantly enhance emotional identity, thinking agreement, political identity, and consciously become socialist builders and successors. Wuhan Optical Valley Science and Technology Vocational Technical School Chairman Yu Mun expounded the integration of the integrated teaching target for the integration of the integrated and secondary school integration of the big primary and secondary schools from the perspective of vocational education, regardless of the application of teaching, or the Lid Tree, the core goal is For party education, for the national training.

Zouzhong, the founder and chairman of Shandong Sanhai and Tea Catering Co., Ltd., combined with its own entrepreneurial experience, the actual case of enterprise management philosophy and employee education training, revealing the value of school thinking and political education for a person’s growth completion, leading The far-reaching effect. About the teaching and organic courses of the integrated construction of the large and medium-sized primary schools, the problem: Song Xian, Song Xian, Song Xian, Song Xian, the Hubei University of Open University, believe that based on the growth law of students in different schools, based on different school cognitive power, Coordinate the teaching content of various sects of thinking and political classes, dealing with the relationship between "full" and "learning section", do an organic coincide, have a focus, reflecting from low to high, shallow to deep, spiral rise, organic unity.

Teacher Xu Ying, the Wuhan East Lake Vocational and Technical College, from the perspective of courses, in addition to the thinking courses, other courses need consciously excavated or implanted with intellectualism, and constantly enrich the teaching content of the thinking and political classes. Teacher Yang Hui, the Marxist College, believes that in order to promote the interior and outside the classroom, establishing a pro-school practical teaching base, combining the course teaching and professional practice, social practice, and enhances the leading force of the thinking and government courses. The Linkage Effect of the Curriculum System. Teacher Tan Hua, Wanke West Peninsula, Wuhan, believes that the Tech Course should actively participate in the class, lectures, evaluation and other activities to improve their teaching capabilities, and continue to improve their knowledge reserves according to the textbook revision.

Wuhan Light Industry University strokes Xiao Qinhong believes that it is necessary to combine employment needs, establish a multi-level, multi-form thinking education curriculum system, forming theory and practice, and through extracurricular internships, online and offline The courses teaching model, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of ideological and political education, and use the platform of thinking and political classes to enhance students’ employment skills. Chen Cheng, deputy secretary of Jinyinhu Xinqiao Community, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, recommended that the school’s thinking of social resources will not only use local red resources into class, but also to integrate local community resources, and build "School + Community "" The intensive class is practiced by the educational mechanism. Li Weiwei, deputy secretary of Changqing Garden Community Community Community, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, emphasized that the key to the integration of the integration of the general secretary is to implement the important discussion spirit of the "Daisheng Class, our good use" proposed by the General Secretary, and believe that the thinking courses must Fully explore social positive energy and integrate various advanced traces into it.

Innovative teaching reform in the integrated construction of the integrated in large and middle school: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Maxi, Zhang Henghu, believes that Lidan people should follow the law of teaching and education and students to grow talents, and think about the value of the courses The initial heart is leading, and in the basis of follow the law, the innovation is made to innovate. Professor Pan Lingxia, a Marxist College, Wuhan, advocated to increase the value of the value of students, so that they realized that the intention of the intensive courses had their strengths and raised their enthusiasm.

Maoming Agriculture, Forestry Science and Technology Vocational College, Marxism, Hu Xiaomin, believes that the affinity of the thinking class is very important, directly affecting the teaching effect of thinking lessons, and the teacher of the classroom should improve the affinity of the classroom, and learn to build a common discussion with the students. Li Yanxia, ??a young teacher, Marxist College, Shared his own, and the idea of ??"thinking + art" classroom model and teaching philosophy and teaching philosophy of "thinking" and teaching concepts that he tried to enhance the teaching of thinking and political class.

Wei Xue, vice president of Wuhan School of Dongxi Lake District, Wuhan, believes that primary school moral education is intuitive and vivid, and the moral education teachers should be good at guiding students to recognize what is ideological and moral, helping students to establish behaviors, moral, law, politics and psychology. The goal of the like.

Combined with the work experience of the Office of the Office of the CPC Shui County Committee, it is believed that society is a fresh thinking class. The school thinking and political teaching should be good at going out, combining social classrooms and thinking and small classrooms, opening the classroom in the motherland On the ground.

The teaching display is hosted by the Secretary of the Marxist College of Wuhan Light Industry University, Song Yumi, Dr. Wang Yumei, the Marxist College, Huazhong Normal University, Dr. Zheng Wen, the Marxist College, Wuhan University, and the basic principle of Marxism, "China The node content of the modern histogram is a wonderful teaching show.

Dr. Yang Huaixiang, Wuhan University of Light Industry, pointed out that a high-quality thinking and political class should be the perfect combination of "political + academics + artistic". The two young doctors’ teaching shows a very different styles but image, or The system is rigorous and fun, or the self-routine, and the passion is flying, fully demonstrating the political feelings of the thinking and political classes, the characteristics and style of the intellectual vision, the perspective of personality, the teaching art strong.

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