The masses "run" high-speed, safe and comfortable

The masses "run" high-speed, safe and comfortable

"Thank Hubei traffic police in the key moment reminder.

On October 31st, I was driving back from Beijing to Hunan. It was very tired through Hubei. I received a prompt to the ‘Yun whistle’ voice awakening. I quickly hurried to the service area, so thank you! "On November 1st, Mr. Wang, who is the Hubei High-speed Traffic Police WeChat public account. This year, Hubei high-speed traffic police combined" I do practical things for the masses "and public security team education, focusing on the high-speed travel of the masses." "And" Key Little Things ", continuously launch" Yun whistle "" Truck Row "," Light, Leading Warning "and other optimization, convenience, efforts to make people better travel. 24-hour warning more than 200,000 times "Your vehicle has been driving over a highway for a long time, and the accident risk factor is high, and life and property is safe! "On November 10, from the Provincial Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, Hubei Expressway traffic police" cloud whistle "love refers to 6 months, accumulating real-time accurate reminds key vehicles 3.4 million times, speech is actually" awake " The driver is 1.63 million. Go back to the masses 8113 people, "recognized useful and effective" satisfaction, 0-6, the focus of the dead time is reduced by the year.

Focus on the accident "pain point" affecting the safety travel, Hubei high-speed traffic police in-depth find accident laws, independently develop "cloud whistle", refer to the integrated operation platform. The platform relies on the provincial management high-speed 1341 card monitoring, real-time sense of traffic, through 24-hour holographic operation, master "road, people, people, car, enterprises, weather, accident" road risk, will "Yunxin Voice Active Safety Early Warning" Directly push to the police terminal of the driver mobile phone and the duty police, implement "risk persuasion". After 6 months of operation, the "cloud whistle" warning category is more complete, the warning reminder is faster, the warning is more detailed, and "wake up" is shortened from 30 minutes to 2 seconds, 24 hours alarm More than 20 million times.

"We will analyze every accident and return to more ‘being awaken. People say.

"Information Morning Post" helps the masses travel worry-free road, travel time, return peak … National Day Golden Week, Hubei traffic police launched self-driving advice warning information brush friends circle. Congestion "troubles" during bad weather and large flow, Hubei Expressway traffic police through WeChat public platform, mainstream map software, implement travel to "first push", control information "zero-space", bypass "early release".

During this year’s "11" small holiday, Hubei high-speed traffic police solutions the masses to consult 4658 people, publish 652 real-time road conditions, and push bypass to induce 51 times, and benefit from the train. "Targeting the ‘difficult point’ problem affecting the travel experience of the masses, implementing the information instant, truck right, one-click alarm and other work measures.

Coordinating the medical department to strengthen the ‘Police Doctor Linkage’, opening up a green rescue channel, minimizing accidental disability rate, and mortality. "The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Public Security Traffic Management Bureau said, on August 10, Hubei Province highway fully implemented traffic management measures on the right side of medium-heavy trucks, guaranteeing highway safety, smooth and orderly.

According to the human use habits, Hubei high-speed traffic police optimization alarm system, multi-platform "one-click alarm" applet, launch voice alarm, one-button positioning, average shortening alarm time 2 minutes and 49 seconds, realizing fast police, accurate service 10,000 times. The education persuasion will reflect the warmth on November 3rd, the driver Wang drives into the Three Gorges Expressway Yichang toll station. Hubei high-speed traffic police card pre-warning system suggested that the car has a speed of 10% in the Shanghai high-speed branch With less than 20% of illegal acts, the police on duty stopped the vehicle. The parties I admit that I have speedy behavior. In view of this illegal behavior, there is no consequences in influence between pass and safety, and the police belong to the first illegal in half a year, the police will warn them on the first time. "Thanks to the criticism and help of the traffic police, such humanized law enforcement makes me feel particularly warm." Received the "Decision Book", Wang Lianlian said, for himself and family, must comply with traffic regulations.

Since June 23, 2021, the Hubei Expressway traffic police implemented "mild, the first-violation warning" on-site law enforcement, with education guidance instead of simple punishment, and instead of instead of the first persuasion. Up to now, Hubei high-speed traffic police has conducted on-site education for 6,674 people, of which 950 were slightly not a warning of 5,724.

"Maintaining law enforcement ‘strength’, and enhancing law enforcement ‘temperature’, striving to achieve legal effects and social effects." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Public Security Traffic Management Bureau said.

Since this year, Hubei high-speed traffic police have made specific practical things, smaller things more than 6,200 pieces from the fact that the people are solving and solving.

(Hubei Daily full media reporter Xu Yong correspondent Bai Xu Xu Yancong).

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