[Hu Lie Master] EDG won the championship accelerated electricity, the young people should calm down

[Hu Lie Master] EDG won the championship accelerated electricity, the young people should calm down

"Edg Bull X!" The early morning of November 7, a neat shouted voice in the night sky of Chinese colleges and universities.

Congratulations, congratulations! At 1:10 on November 7, the League of Legends S11 Global Finals finally came to an end. The EDG team of the China Orientation Area (LPL) 5 battles 3 wins the DK team in the Korea LCK Division, and the wind turned over the championship. This is the League of Legends won the LPL team for the third time I won the champion trophy. "EDG wins" hot search, friends circle screen Heroic League S11 is another? Why are they so excited? Values ??are like a mountain, the space is like a sea. Outside people may wish to imagine the following scenarios, China’s women’s volleyball team won the world champion on November 16, 1981, China men’s football team entered the 2002 World Cup, is it a brain neutral horse to show red flag proverb, people of the mountains, gongs and drums, firecrackers scene? Even if e-sports is not as high as traditional sports events, you can’t deny that young people have loved their electricity.

What is the night of carnival? EDG won the passion of the electric competition, and the fire couldn’t sleep. It is time to honor the FLAG before the finals, what is going to drink, the playground is bare, women’s COS, support the booth aunt … Youth Zhang Yang has no strength, However, there is no shortage of people who are suspected to be self-frying authors, and a female anchor is exposed. They rishes the cold wind, and ignore the people around the tourists.

The blood on the upper, rational disappearance, the enthusiasm of people in the circle burns outside the circle, disturbing the public order behavior will only recruit the outside people "There is a problem!" Shenzhen shouting is both true feelings, and noise disturbance.

Article 58 of the Public Security Administration Punishment violates the legal provisions on social life noise pollution prevention and control, manufacturing noise interferes with the normal life of others, warning; the warning does not correct, paying more than 200 yuan or more 500 yuan.

Although it is freedom, Naisi’s eyes.

The 44th statement of the "Public Security Management Punishment Law", or deliberately exposed the body in public places, the circumstances are bad, and the following is detention below 10 days.

Hanging EDG team flag, gathering the street celebration, young people don’t want too much! Article 23 of the Public Security Administration Punishment Distrac in public places, warning or less than 200 yuan; the circumstances are more than 10 days or more, it can be fined below 500 yuan.

Practice has proved that human grief is not connected. I have no big events in the electrical race, and the disturbance of the real illegal disturbance cannot force the public. After all, many people have just slept, and many people end 996 overtime will go to work. Personal freedom is free to freely infringe the freedom of others, if "good is not easy to" as exclusive, the public is only deteriorated with the negative impression of electricity. Put your heart, I hope that the electric baton can respect others, calm the celebration.

Winning the championship, understanding that long-year-old China’s e-sports start, but the development is rapid, China’s electric competition is made by unremitting efforts, gradually reversing the public impression of "power-on competitive business", prove that the young people can also pass emerging sports Subject to the country. The dispute between "electricity calculations is not a sports" is constantly seen, but we will win from the EDG to see the hard work of the electric competitor, and there is no difference between it and never says to the traditional sports project. On November 18, 2003, the State Sports General Administration officially approved the list of e-sports as the 99th formal sports competition; 2018 Jakarta Asian Games will include e-sports into performance projects; December 16, 2020, Asia Council announced electronic Athletics became a formal competition project of the Asian Games and will participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, and its project scores will also be included in the national medal list.

The electrical competition will break the next young people with other groups.

Behind the shocked people who are visible is the wound that you can’t see. As a ring outside people, you can not understand, you can not support, I hope that more people can abandon arrogance and prejudice, come out of cognitive comfort, new things that have been loved by young people, respect The fearlessness of the red dream dream is not to give up, all payment and persistence are worthy of affirmation. The road is under the feet, things are people. The Hangzhou Asian Games is close to the eyes, and whether the electricity competition can be depends on every electricity.

How much is the taste of the rice circle, and the individual is wrapped in a group of huge waves, and it is easy to make some out of action.

There is a football hooligan, we don’t want electricity racing, electricity spirit, please let the electricity nerves out, everyone understands! .

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