The 3rd Loyong Jianfengling Tent is about to start

The 3rd Loyong Jianfengling Tent is about to start

Jiedlingling is located in the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park Management Bureau Jialongling Branch, the main peak is 1412m, is the highest mountain peak in the park, which is a spear, and the lamina is named after the rock wall. The forest coverage here is 98%, and is also one of the most abundant varieties in my country.

Walking in the peak, you can see the original tropical rainforest landscape everywhere.

The coastal pulling is low to high, and the rainforest, mountain rainforest, mountain boss, etc. "Slave Giant Tree" with a chest diameter of more than 2 meters, there is a "air garden" that is attached to a variety of plants, and has been stranded a hundred-year big trees that are "stranded", in order to transfer nutrients and facilitate pollination. And the "old stem raw" in the stems, there is a "gas root" in the air, after a hundred years of growing, gradually growing into a forest "single wood forest" wonders … Camping Jialing, there will be more Many opportunities to observe the rare species of the tropical rainforest.

It is understood that there are 2,286 wild vascular plants in the region of Jiedling, there are 400 cases of vertebrate, and 2222 insects have been identified. Including cloud leopard, round nose lizard, wearing mountain armor, big spirit cat, little spirit cat, Hainan Mountain, Hainan Peacock, Hainan, Huangzui Algi, etc. National first-level protector According to the organizers, music performances will be held during the event, and participants can experience special food in the Starry sky.

The whole process will strictly abide by the relevant environmental technical measures issued by the state, the government and the local. This event was guided by the People’s Government of Lidong Li Autonomous County, and the Tourism and Cultural Radio and Television Sports Bureau of Londe Li Autonomous County, the Hainan Branch of the People’s Network Co., Ltd., Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park Administration Jialongling Branch Co-organizes. (Editor: Liu Yu Tao, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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