The 2nd Xie Yi Children’s Literature Award is awarded in Hunan

The 2nd Xie Yi Children’s Literature Award is awarded in Hunan

People’s Network Changsha November 2 On November 2nd, the 2nd Xie Wei Children’s Literature Award Award Ceremony was held in Dongkou County, Hunan Province, Xie Yuxiang, a total of 8 fairy tale, 5 (group) children’s poems, 3 novels, 2 profiles, 2 fables, a total of 20 works have been award; 30 works have been nominated; in addition, there is also an excellent editorial award, 8 editing awards.

This award received a total of more than 2,000 authors from all provinces (cities) and autonomous regions, and more than 2,000 children’s literature shortings (first).

The jury hired writers, critics, and editing of the judges, and sanctified three selection and widely solicited readers by the manuscript, ie first editorial recommended works by Hunan Children’s Journal, and then earlier from the national organization Scholars review and score, vote, and finally select the winning work.

According to the president of Hunan Fables, Xie Lejun, the head of the Children’s Literature Award Journey, "Xie Yi Children’s Literature Award" is to commemorate the famous writers of the contemporary writers, promote the creation of short-term children’s literature, and build local culture. Brands, a literary award set up for young children with excellent spiritual food. This award was guided by the Hunan Writers Association, and She was hosted by the Children’s Literature Awards Organizing Committee, Hunan Fables and the Faxta Literature Research Association and other units, 2020 first awards.

Dongkou County literary creation is active, the achievements are true, there are 4 Chinese Work Associations, 43 provincial-level work associations, have formed a literary creation of children’s literature, prose, poetry, etc. Hundreds of people, came out of a group of writers who had a big impact on Dao Yi. (Liao Jibo) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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