Xinjiang Preventive Telecom Network Fraud "Learning Mall" to the residential area

Xinjiang Preventive Telecom Network Fraud "Learning Mall" to the residential area

Recently, the "Anti-Power Strusion Loop" next to Xinjiang Kashi Residents is officially free to open.

The Kashi Municipal Public Security Bureau said that this is the first digital missionary venue in Xinjiang to prevent telecommunications network fraud. The venue has the largest sun community in Kashgar, the largest population of the population, the local people can enter the absence hall after the tea meal, accept all-round anti-fraud education. The Learning Museum utilizes 3D animations, games, VR experience devices, multimedia exhibition walls and other modern scientific and technological means, through human-machine interaction, scenario simulation, video demons, etc. to prevent telecommunications network fraud mission.

Visitors can learn from different fraud methods, targeted learning, telecommunications network fraud knowledge, typical cases, and policies and regulations, prevention measures.

The "scenario simulation" section in the venue has 2 sets of VR helmets with high sensitivity touch handle devices. Experiencers can make human-computer interaction under realistic scenes, real restore all kinds of scams encountered in daily life. It is immersed that the tricks and feelings are cheated. Introduction to the responsible comrades of the Kashgar City Public Security Bureau, the Learning Museum draws on the Guangdong public security experience, and in the entertaining and enhanced the law, the law is strengthened, and the safety does not do, the service is not short-lived, and the mission does not leave.

(Reporter Yu Tao).

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