The box office exceeded 35 billion yuan "Changjin Lake" to get experts praise

The box office exceeded 35 billion yuan "Changjin Lake" to get experts praise

Original title: Introducing the movie market, the patriotism, the scene, the scene, the scene is very strong, and the humanity is very vivid, reflects the unified value of resistance aggression and the war. The domestic war film "Changjin Lake" "Changjin Lake" has become one of the most successful films in China’s film market. As of yesterday, the total box office has exceeded 3.5 billion yuan. The film has also been unanimously affirmed by the comment world.

Experts believe that the new exploration and new expression of "Changjin Lake" on the war type film, providing a number of rejection for the subsequent creation of domestic warfare.

The film will encourage the Chinese film market under the influence of the epidemic, and the volunteer warriors in the film will use youth, blood and life guard the spirit of the motherland.

  Theme Ideal: Full of Heroes and War "" Changjin Lake "from an individual perspective experience and reflection in war hurt, reflects the unified value of resistance aggression and war, and also fully expressing the blood of Chinese military security guards. The spirit of the spirit and the years, the 121 years ago, the volunteer army defended the hero of the national sovereignty with the army soul of ‘steel. "China Film Review Society president Rao Duang said. After the 1960s, the film of the anti-US aid and the theme of the anti-American aid is very small; after entering the 21st century, the development of domestic warfares is also more downturn.

"The emergence of" Changjin Lake "is exactly what we need to examine this war, but this review is very difficult, because the war film will be based on the heroism, add a deep historical reflection, improve Thoughts and poetic.

"Professor Tian Jun, the professor of the Art and Media College of Beijing Normal University, believes that" Changjin Lake "did this.

  In this way of rendering heroism, the film uses Chinese special attention to and familiar with the familiar plot – "home" to bring all the characters.

"The film is in Wu Qianli, the presence of leader Mao Zedong and Mao’an Ying, is also a father and son relationship, and even for the commander Song Dynasty. He is considering the battle, will also worry that the soldiers are worn, just like a father Like his child. The concept of the user is very easy to understand and accept the characters in the emotions. In this process, heroism begins to appear. "Fituan Group analysis, all the volunteers in the film are not" not afraid Dead, there is no home, there is no emotional ": It has become a bone hundred miles of Wu Bairi, let his comrades around him; the veteran veteran Mei Sheng, returning to the battlefield again, have been holding the wife and women in the family In the eyes of others, the tandem is "the hero", but he himself said, "Where there is a hero" … "hero is to know that will die, will sacrifice, but still to bear the mission, because Waiting for him than death and sacrifice.

"Tian Huixun said. And, the film also made beneficial exploration and efforts in the reflection of war.

"When the end of the miles of Wu Wanli, when the" some guns must be opened, some guns can not be opened ‘to clarify the attitude of the Chinese soldiers in the face of war, which adds a war film to the film. The reflection of the reflection. "Rao Shuguang said that this is another very precious theme that" Changjin Lake "is present in the performance of heroism. War scene: Anti-American Aid Theme Image New Breakthrough War is an important type of a comprehensive level of film industry and film industry. "Changjin Lake" has reached a new level of domestic war theme film while moving the Chinese War Movie consistent style. "The whole film contains three relatively independent story chapters. The first chapter tells the anti-American assistance and the operation and mobilization process of the Battle of Changjin Lake. The second chapter describes the seventh dressing into the DPRK. The story, the third chapter tells the story of the seven years to go to Changjin Lake.

"Chairman of the Beijing Wenyi Reviewer Association, Professor Wang Yichuan, Professor Beijing Normal University, said that the three stories have their own relative independence, but because the Arrangement of Mao’an British serves to the seven consecutive, I will reach the battle to Changjin Lake It is connected to each other, integrating the three chapters into a large-scale giant system. "This film has achieved new imaging aesthetics in the subject works of the United States, and is also an important force for the large Chinese war.

"Wang Yichuan evaluation.

  The "Changjin Lake" created the full-scale war watching scene of the wonders of magnificent scenes.

"Although it is narrative with our main perspective, it has also introduced an enemy perspective, which not only draws the situation of our national leaders and soldiers, but also appropriately selected enemy national leaders, commanders and soldiers. The situation is displayed, and the front and rear, the main battlefield with the second battlefield, etc.

"Wang Yichuan said. Three battle play in the film, let Rao Shoguang feel shocking:" The long lens of the attack, the multi-view switching of the war, the quick clip of Changjin Lake Wars, showing the atmosphere effect of different forms . The film is magnificent, and the combat details are rich in performance, a large number of hand-held photography and fast-paced clips create a strong prevention. The end of the scriptie ‘ice sculpture’ scenes.

"In addition, he also believes that the sound effect of the film war scene, especially the sound effect of the ballistics.

  Character shaping: hero groups show profoundly, "Changjin Lake" is based on the real battle of the material, but there is no mud to show a simple war scene, but in the narrative "people" mainly, shape the thousands of miles, Wu The collective hero group of thousands of miles and other seven elections, the death of the youth generation in the anti-US assistance of the country’s security guard.

  "This group of hero is not only a full star lineup, but also has a feature.

Wujia brothers are the whole protagonist. My brother has a battlefield commander, and the younger brother Wu Wanli has a wild and rebellious personality, but in the company, it is helpless, and the rapid growth is a heroic and fearless warrior; The representative of ordinary veterans is the inheritors of our army; the instructor Mei Sheng is from the big Shanghai, will speak English. It has a jealousy of the future urban life. It reflects the cultural character of the Volunteers; the rendering is a joke; the gun hand Silent, in the face of the enemy bravely calmly, and there is no vacant.

There is also the sacrifice of Mao’an, Yang Gongsi, and the hero group of the ‘ice sculpture’, which makes people respect, nostalgic and grateful. "Wang Yichuan said.

  "Changjin Lake" finally answered a question in the minds of the contemporary audience: The Chinese People’s Volunteers replaced such a simple equipment and logistics reissue, why still win the US military and UN, the United Nations military with world-class equipment and logistics? Wang Yichuan said that the film has given a powerful answer in the film language: "The secret of winning this war is that the people of the people after the founding of the new China and the big fear of the heroism of our military officers and men." He believes this movie It will help to enhance the national identity and collective cohesiveness of the country, motivate the audience to meet and respond to a series of new challenges in the spirit of patriotism and heroism.

(Beijing Daily Reporter Yuan Yunner) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

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