Xingtai "Little Maza" preached the party’s history

Xingtai "Little Maza" preached the party’s history

Original title: Xingtai "Little Maza" preaching party history attached to the people’s heart combined with the actual formal form to close the masses, Xingtai "Xiao Maza" preaching party history attached to the people’s heart April 26 is the Lunar New Year 15, in Wei County Sun Jiazhai Village filial piety cultural square, twice a month, "filial piety, respect for the old dumpling banquet" is open.

The village "Little Maza" announced the captain, the secretary of the Village Party Branch, did not run the service before going to run, but the hand-held talents talked to everyone the story of the older world of war in Wei County. The folks have dumplings while listening to the taste of Jinjin. Since the start of the party history, since the field of Xingtai City, the tourist square, township market, street community and other places gathered, and active "small Maza" preaching team.

They have a small horse, and they are in a unified logo, combined with the actual selection time, place and way, carefully choose the red past and hero’s story that can touch the audience of the audience, etc. "Four History" publicity and education boom. It is understood that Xingtai City from rural Xinxiangxian, party member volunteers, retired cadres, village "two committees" team members, college village officials, cultural energy people, get rich, "365 people’s story" excellent players selected prestige High, good and expressing the people around the people, composed of 1589 "Little Maza" to preach the small packets, after specialized training, use the hometown and the return, sing, etc. The topic of the party history of the party’s party. In the past two months, 4719 will be preached, and the audience has been accepted. Where is the masses, where to launch a preaching.

Qinghe County organized the "Little Maza" preliminary preaching in the township Administrative Integrated Service Center preaching the party history, and carried out the topic of party history.

Guangzong County’s "Little Maza" preliminary team has come to the unit, Baolian Community, and the "micro-party" "micro-lecture". Presentation is closely combined with the needs of the masses. The 79 "Little Maza" preliminary team in Xingtai Economic Development Zone is based on the theme of "learning party history, understanding, doing practical things, opening new bureaus". At the same time, we provide policy consultation, technology popularization, skill training, help delivery. Warm service. Linxi County organizes "Xiao Maza" preliminary team to carry out "Party history into the countryside to sings red songs", equipped with the county "cultural caravan" into the grassroots cultural station to carry out condolences, send a map, every game, each Events attracted more than 200 people.

The city gave full play to the rich advantage of "Red Resources", combined with the characteristics of various patriotic education bases, and carefully designed "anti-big spirit" "Relive and brilliant party history, inheriting the spirit of the spirit" "Zhen Hut" Therefore, 7 party history education themes and other seven party history education theme studies visit the route, organize the "Little Maza" preliminary team to carry out "Review the Party history, feel the party, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the party," to visit the study activities ", participate in the anti-big" small spring "Waiting for the practice activities, the red story around the people" presenting the outline ", each preaching is targeted for different objects, due to local conditions, due to person vary from person to person, so that everyone likes to listen, Touch, remember. Let me talk to everyone "old hero" story.

On the one hand, Xingtai City, I would like to have a preliminary "Old Hero", using personal experience, and excavate the local "old hero" deeds and red past. Guangzong County invited the most beautiful retired soldiers in the country, and Wu Hongqi, a national first-class hero, combined with its own experience, to the "unforgettable historical red gene generation".

Shahe City invited old warriors, old party members, Kong Fanjiang, to explain the revolutionary history of the people’s experience and witness, organize the "small Maza" preliminary team to tell the heroic deeds of the anti-Japanese hero Fan Zi Xia. Ren Zen District "Little Maza" preliminary team filmed the revolutionary story in the history of the local party, and opened "Public Welfare Cloud Classroom" on the Internet.

(Reporter Wang Yongchen correspondent Li Wenzhi) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, I wish the dragon super).

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